„For, verily, great love springs from great knowledge of the beloved object,
and if you little know it, you will be able to love it only a little or not at all.“ – Leonardo da Vinci

Margaritae Ars

Margaritae Ars, or also Art by Markéta.

Why Margarita? Latin was the universal language of the Middle Ages, especially in the higher society, that includes art for whom higher society was the main patron. This was the reason why I chose a Latin expression to describe my artistic world of the Middle Ages. It is notable that my instructors would call me Margherita during my stay in Sardinia where I was training in the art of the scribe – the same name as the local spring flower, Daisy.

I knew that history would be the love of my life since I was a child, although I had no idea what form it would take. Despite my parent’s lack of enthusiasm, I finished a BA in Archival Studies and an MA in History at Palacký University in Olomouc. At this moment, I am in the process of completing my Ph.D. study in the medieval section of the Department of History in Olomouc focus is on the book culture of the late Middle Ages.

Medieval books (manuscripts, incunabula) are fascinating because of their craftsmanship and artistic rendition. For me, browsing, reading, and researching them was not enough, I wanted to become a medieval artist who creates them. My dream would not be a reality without my friends from the medieval reenactment community, for which I am really deeply grateful.

There were two parts to present me to a wider audience. The first was an online exhibition regarding the popularisation of early book printing on www.prvotisky.cz, which happened thanks to the support of Nadační fond UP. The second part was a reconstruction of a printing press from the time of Johannes Gutenberg with financial support of O2 Foundation. Those projects helped me present the most beautiful pieces from the early 15th century printed books. The combination of the two parts of providing a presentation that was theoretical, practical, and visual.

My life

My life as a historian and reenactor led me to an individual study and exploration all the way to Sardinia, where I had a chance to study medieval painting techniques in Accademia Santu Jacu school. My maestro, Michel A. Ziccheddu, learned medieval painting techniques in Greek monasteries where the Byzantine tradition, which influenced the Italian medieval art, is preserved until this day.

Sardinia changed the way I look at life and since then I could not give up medieval art. My studies in Sardinia also further increased my passion to deepen my knowledge. In my work, I am trying to follow the original techniques, materials, and principles of medieval iconography, and also paleography and diplomatics if possible. My traditional approach is still relevant in our modern world and has had beautiful results in some individual custom work I have created for wedding announcements and birthday gifts.

I am more than happy to pass my enthusiasm and knowledge on to others, so we can meet either at the University, or at various cultural events bringing back to life the Middle Ages or the old craftsmanship. It never gets tired to organize lectures, workshops, and special programs for everyone interested in medieval art and knowledge.

I am looking forward to meeting and creating things with you,
písařka, iluminátorka a malířka Markéta Poskočilová