Do you want to learn more about what a medieval book looked like? How much work was behind its production? How did the printing press change the spreading of ideas and knowledge?

Enjoy a workshop full of examples of medieval books and scribal/painting/printing equipment. You will experience what the  work of medieval scribal and book illuminator was like, using duck quill or gilding of the initial (decorative letter). With the printing press from the time of Johann Gutenberg you find out how hard it was to print one page of a book in comparison to the modern advanced techniques. All the activities will show you the value a book had in the Middle Ages and why the invention of the printing press was seen as an information revolution comparable to the modern use of the Internet.

Suitable for primary or middle school pupils, work sheets provided for the lectures appropriate to the age group. Ideal for educational and cultural institutions, especially libraries and museums.

Long-time cooperation with the Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Fortress of Knowledge of Palacký University.